• Aid and NGO - Disaster Relief Operations When disaster strikes and terrestrial networks go down, you know you can rely on satellite to communicate.
  • Media - Newsgathering is Time-Critical BGAN enables journalists to broadcast within minutes of arriving at the scene of a story.
  • Using IsatData Pro/BGAN for Mining Operations Track mining & heavy equipment to ensure connected and productive operations.
  • Solution for Improved Fleet Management IsatData Pro significantly increases security and safety and improves operational efficiency.
  • BGAN - Broadband Global Area Network ATRAMS provides the widest portfolio of global voice, broadband data, M2M and value-added services on the market.


TransportationOur AVL units help to increase fleet visibility, boost efficiency and provide greater safety and security for cargo and drivers.

Vehicle tracking and monitoring has become a must have for companies, organizations as well as private vehicle owners. With vehicle tracking, fleet operating costs drop quickly and significantly. Tracking brings accountability, which improves driver behaviour, reduces labour costs (lateness, overbilling) and retains revenue otherwise lost to side-jobs or moonlighting. Vehicle wear-and-tear, maintenance and fuel costs are reduced because company vehicles are no longer used off-hours.

Safety is no more an issue because driver behaviour is constantly monitored and improved. Over speeding, hash breaking, idling, driving outside office/approved hours and un-approved routes are easily monitored and validated. Historical records means behaviour patterns can be checked and monitored.

Fuel Theft Monitoring


Remote Fuel Level Monitoring using sensors and satellite-based communication equipment to monitor fuel levels and reduce theft. Read More

  • AT1260 & 1850v3 Cellular Terminal

AT1850v3a 164

  • Satellite Phones

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  • AT680 & AT690 Satellite Terminals

AT680 164 atrams2

  • Wave Mobile Communicator

Wave mobile PTT 164

  • AT780 Satellite-Cellular Terminals

AT780 164 atrams

  • Wave Dispatch Communicator

Wave dispatch communicator 164

  • Satellite Broadband Internet

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